Goals for 2018

Buckle up. It’s time to talk about goals…in March…cause we can.

In general, I don’t mesh well with the concept of publicly stating goals (I like to not tell people so I can renege without anyone knowing). So now I’m doing exactly that because people say it’s a good idea.

The one thing I have been procrastinating terribly (or excellently?) on is maintaining this blog. I just find it difficult to take the time to sit down and write posts regularly, especially since we had our daughter 2.5 years ago (when was my last post?). So one of my many goals this year is to write regularly. Aside from the benefit that I would receive, I believe it’s important to give back and share knowledge. I cut my programming teeth learning from various blogs, and I still visit and learn from a lot of them today.

So here we are, with the first post of the year (in March), it seems only right to make it all about goals. I’ll keep the subject restricted to goals related to programming and this blog.

Goal #1: Blog Regularly

I hope to publish at least one post a week. This is something I have always struggled with, but am determined to overcome this year. I plan on blogging solely on programming and issues related to those of us that partake of it. Tutorials, concepts, the occasional random thought or opinion, you get the gist (that’s good programming humor right there).

Goal #2: Revamp this Site

I’ve wanted to rebuild this site for a while now. In case you haven’t noticed, I am currently running the theme The Authority. When I started this blog I had high hopes and wanted to get it up and running as quickly as possible, so I needed a free theme that looked decent. I found The Authority and liked it well enough and here we are. The only problem is that I’m a developer, that specializes in WordPress, and I have fallen prey to the trap of building cool stuff for everyone but myself, so I intend to rectify that this year.

Goal #3: Build / Release a Theme on the WP Repo

I want to build and release a theme intended for use by the general public. All of my work is specialized for individual clients. I am looking forward to making something that is accessible to the general public and built so anyone can use it, and all of the challenges that go along with that. It is likely that I will take what I develop for use on my site and create a public version of it to release on the repo.

Goal #4: Revamp Primary Categories

I released my first plugin, Primary Categories on the WordPress repo in 2016. It was a great experience, though it doesn’t have a significant user base. I plan on revamping the entire plugin to be more efficient and to also work with custom post types. This is partly based on suggestions from Johannes Gangsö and his fork of the original plugin.

Goal #5: Build / Release a New Plugin

I plan on building and releasing at least one new plugin in 2018. I am also considering building my first commercial plugin, which will likely be an add-on for an existing plugin with a significant user base.

If you checked out a long time ago to watch craziness on the interwebs, I don’t hold it against you; this post is pretty much just for my benefit. If you’re still with me, then kudos! You’re a gracious human being and will be rewarded with digital Karma!

If you’ve got goals of your own or ideas/tips for completing any of the above, let me know in the comments. Stay tuned for more posts and parenthetical humor!