Primary Categories


Primary Categories is a WordPress plugin for setting and displaying primary categories for posts and custom post types.

How to use Primary Categories:

This plugin creates a meta box on the post edit screen titled “Primary Category” containing a drop down menu populated with all categories associated with that post. Selecting a primary category and updating the post saves this data into a custom field with a meta key of “primary-category”.

Primary Categories Meta Box
Example of post edit screen with primary category meta box.

To display a list of all posts with a particular primary category, use the shortcode [primary-category name=”cat_name”] where cat_name is the name of the primary category you wish to display. If a name is not specified, the shortcode will default to all posts with “uncategorized” set as the primary category.

Primary Categories Shortcode
Example of shortcode being used in page.


Primary Categories Shortcode Output
Example output of shortcode.


  • Custom post types must support both categories and custom fields.
  • As new categories are added to a post, the post must be updated before those new categories will be available for selection as a primary category.


You can download this plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory.